Rediscover Sedona Campaign, May-July 2023

Mission: To drive Phoenicians (and other high income people to Sedona to visit not only the beauty, but the dining, shopping, culture and art. The focus was on high-valued consumer in targeted markets. The theme of the campaign that we came up with was “Rediscover Sedona”. We were promoting the interaction with, or experience of not only the outdoors, but also the experience of dining (not a plate of food) and (re)discovering art (not just pictures of an empty gallery), along with the appropriate imagery.
I used a magnificent image by Robert Sturman as the base brand image for the campaign and incorporated it and other imagery in a number of social media ads and videos. We helped develop a landing page and secured the domain.
While ROI is hard to calculate, the 3 month campaign drove enough people to learn more about Sedona with the landing page that was the 3rd highest in traffic to the website. Occupancy levels at hotels were up an average 3.5% over the past year at that time.